While snowboarding a girl is pursued by a bear without knowing it

Nowadays, doing extreme sports is something that attracts many people: bungee jumping, parachuting. There are plenty of those. To that list, looking at the following video, we could add snowboarding, yes sliding down the snow on a board, check it out on the next video

In this case, luck was on the side of the main character. Kelly Murphy decided to record herself on her board, sliding down a snowboarding lane. From what you can see on this 37 second video, a bear appears behind Kelly during more than thirty seconds and runs with the clear intention of catching up with her. While she is humming the song Work of Rihanna, at some point the bear even seems to reach her. It gives up only when the young girl speeds up and gets away from the danger.
The girl would have realized later she was in danger only after watching the video. However, many pages and users of social networks claim that the video is fake and the pictures fabricated.