What do your hand and fingerprint say about you?

Are you interested in knowing more about your personality? Scientists say your fingers and the shape of your hand show how you are:

When you are born, your fingerprints, in this case of the feet, are recorded almost immediately, as well as those of your hands when you take your first official document. These small lines, which seem to follow no pattern, distinguish us from any other person. Today we are going to tell you 8 things you did not know about fingerprints. Several will surprise you!!

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1_In Argentina, fingerprints were used for the first time to solve a crime: Argentina was the first place where a criminal was arrested using his fingerprints to identify him. Thanks to a method created by Juan Vucetich began to take the fingerprints of criminals and a few years later, a mandatory registration was established for all people. In 1892, the first arrest based on the fingerprints that the criminal left on the scene occurred: a woman accused her neighbor of murdering her children. Bloody fingerprints had been left on the door, which were used to prove that the neighbor was innocent and the murderer was the mother herself.

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Fingerprint marks are difficult to erase: If you commit a crime, your fingerprints will remain on the scene to identify you, as they are not easily erased. This is because they have enough moisture and oils on each finger, so they penetrate any absorbent surface.

2_Can be born without fingerprints: There are a few people in the world who can not be identified by their fingerprints, because they just do not have it. That is the case of those who suffer from adermatoglyphia, a genetic condition that causes the plants of the hands, feet and fingers to be free of any type of relief lines or depression.

3_Fingerprints serve for much more than identifying us: The small wrinkles and lines help us to hold objects by preventing them from slipping, the same as walking barefoot on smooth and slippery surfaces. Also, it is believed that the footprints increase our sense of touch.

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4_Twins have different fingerprints: Those police programs where they can not decide who the killer is, since who left the fingerprints has a twin lies to you. Fingerprints are unique, even for these identical brethren. This is because the fingerprints do not respond to genetics but, when they form at the third month of pregnancy, they vary when the fingers rub against the umbilical cord or it grows allowing more intrauterine movements.

5_Fingerprints do not change during life: You were born with a pattern of smudges on your hands and feet and you will die with the same footprints. No matter how much you grow, fatten, thin or change, the patterns of the footprints will always be the same. Therefore, the so-called fingerprints, are the form of identification that does not deceive and the preferred for official affairs.

And…What do your hands say about you?

Palm reading is the study of the lines and mountains that are found in the palms of hands, it is one of the oldest knowledge of mankind that is usually applied to know the destiny of a person and to predict past events, Present and future. And it also reveals particular signs about the psychological and physiological profile of the consultant. When you are going to read a hand, you have to do it on the left, as it reflects what God has given you, and if you later want to check or reaffirm some detail, you have to consult the right. The dominant hand with the writing reflects your adult personality, the person you are now, and your passive hand talks about the person you have been as a child and reflects the subconscious, your instincts and latent abilities. To read the hand have to interpret a number of characteristics: size, tonality, volume, proportion, fingers, nails.

All the secrets of your personality and destiny through the lines of your hand. What will the future hold for me? A recurring question that we have all asked ourselves, because it is not an exact science, but we can use the experience of our hands to predict possible changes and events in your life, and equally to know you better.

There are special characteristics of our hands, such as size, tone, volume, proportion, fingers, nails, etc. Which we must take into account when learning to read, in a few simple steps we introduce you to the world of reading your hands. We will focus on the type of hand, shapes and lines.



How do you read the lines?

Which hand should be read?
Your dominant hand (with which you write) reflects the personality you show to others. It is your public face, which consciously shows to those around you. Your passive hand talks about the person you have been as a child and reflects the subconscious and your latent abilities. »


Identify the four main lines. There are many folds in the hands and may be short, but at least three of them are always present.
•The heart line
•The head line
•The Line of Life
•The Luck Line (not everyone has it)

The Line of Life

It is the most important line of all. The line of life indicates the vital force in general, health and energy not how many years they will live. It is also related to the house and family. The longer and more marked, the stronger the vitality and health.
Evaluate the line of life. It begins near the arch-shaped thumb toward the wrist. It reflects physical health, general well-being, and significant life changes (eg, cataclysmic events, physical wounds and transfers). Its length is not associated with the length of life. The basic interpretations are as follows:

  • Long and deep: vitality.
  • Curved: lots of energy.
  • Short and superficial: allowed to be manipulated by others.
  • Curves in a semicircle: strength and enthusiasm.
  • Straight and close to the opposite side of the hand: cautious in relationships.
  • Multiple life lines: extra vitality.
  • A circle on the line: hospitalized or physically injured.
  • Interruptions in the line: sudden change in lifestyle.

The Heart line

Refers to the heart, the love and the capacity to be affectionate. It indicates joys and depressions, disappointments. It also relates to the physical heart, kidneys and circulatory system.
Interprets the line of the heart: this line can be read in any direction (from the little finger to the index finger or vice versa) depending on the tradition followed. It is believed to indicate emotional stability, romantic outlook, depression and heart health. The basic interpretations are as follows:

• It begins under the index finger: the person is happy with their love life.
• It starts under the middle finger: it is selfish in love.
• It starts under the ring finger: it falls easily in love.
• Straight and short: has less interest in romance.
• It joins the life line: it breaks your heart easily.
• Long and curved: freely expresses your emotions and feelings.
• Straight and parallel to the line of the head: you have a good control of your emotions.
• Rippled: many relationships and lovers, absence of serious relationships.
• With a circle on the line: sadness or depression.
• Interrupted line: emotional trauma.
• Smaller perpendicular lines above the heart line: emotional trauma.

Head Line

It is associated with mental abilities, mentality, intelligence, concentration, ego, judgment, talents and thoughts. It also indicates problems of the head as in the brain, the eyes, the ear or the teeth.
Examine the head line. This represents the style of learning of the person, his communicative method, his intellectualism and his need for knowledge. If the line is curved, it is associated with creativity and spontaneity, but if it is straight, it is associated with practical and structured methods. The interpretations are as follows:
Destination or Luck Line: Indicates what effect events have on society or the world in your life.
Study the line of luck. It is also known as the «line of fate» and indicates the degree to which the person’s life is affected by external circumstances beyond their control. It starts at the base of the hand. The basic interpretations are as follows:

• Deep line: strongly controlled by luck.
• Interruptions and changes of direction: prone to many changes in life due to external forces.
• Be united to the line of life: person who builds his own success, develops his aspirations in the early stages.
• Joins with the life line somewhere in the middle: it indicates a point at which the interest of the person must be surrendered to that of others.
• Start at the base of the thumb and cross the line of life: support from family and friends.


Other lines are the Mars Line: If you have a Mars line you have the support of people close to you who are helping you.
Or the Sun Line: it is related to luck in life, success, fame and admiration.

These and more lines in the next post!