What your fingerprint says about you

According to modern science, if you’re looking to uncover the truth about your personality — including strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and even potential — look no further than your own two hands.

There is a scientific study of fingerprints called dermatoglyphics, and it helps us understand how the patterns on our fingertips relate to our personality and behavioral patterns.

Evidently, your hands are like maps to your personality. Not only do the lengths of your fingers and the shapes of your nails reveal the truth, but so do your fingerprint patterns — and there’s a whole science behind the analysis of these prints.

What do your fingerprints say about you?

If your prints are quite loopy, then you’re so laid back you’re practically horizontal. It corresponds with a calm and balanced personality. Your friends would describe you as calm, serene and relaxed as well as warm and emotionally open. One of your best attributes is that you have a whole lot of empathy and that makes it easy for you to make (and keep) friends. While you’re pretty responsible, you’re not that great at initiating and you find it hard to make the first move. Your only problem is that you tend to find work boring and a bit tedious, so you regularly have to switch up what you’re doing. If you have loops on all your fingertips, then you have a strong imagination and are something of a daydreamer, or what you’d call «starry-eyed.»

People with this pattern are energetic and confident. You’re the type that is constantly busy and full of energy like the Duracell Bunny. You’re fiercely loyal and probably have some sort of secret handshake with your besties. You’re also pretty confident and self-assured about almost everything you do, so much so that it shines through in the way you hold yourself. Stemming from your confidence, you’re pretty good at making decisions on the spot and don’t find yourself being swayed by the opinions of others, instead sticking to what you think is best.
Concrete thinking is predominant here. Such people usually have trouble adapting to changing environments and listening to others’ opinions. They gather impressions mainly from practical activities, although they often prefer to use other people to reach their goals.

People with swirled patterns on their fingers are short-tempered, but ungrudging. They are naturally talented, quick to grasp, and ready to analyze their surroundings. You’re independent and self-reflective and often hide what you’re feeling rather than open up and tell people. You may also find that you’re great at starting things but find it hard to actually finish them, which is due to your unpredictable nature.
Their personality type here is phlegmatic. The speech of such a person is rather expressionless, quiet, and a bit slow. If the individual has swirls on both their index fingers, then they are born thinkers. They are often keen on programming, legal studies, and research.