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You can not believe ti! There’s an app that will show you! IT’S THE AGING BOOTH APP!!

How it works? You take a picture of yourself (otherwise known as a selfie), and you upload it onto the app and BOOM, you’ve gained soooo many years. The fun part is that you can adjust the settings… You can choose the classic version but if you really want to laugh, you can choose other settings like: fat, bimbo, ugly bald, and stache.

It’s a guaranteed laugh. So try it out with your friends! Download now!

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Wait, wait, wait… AND what does your future hold?, will your life be the same? will you have tons of kids? will you have gotten a divorce? If given the option to know what your future holds, would you  do it? 😉 This quiz takes your current lifestyle habits to work out where you are headed in the future!  How many boyfriends have you… answer questions to find your result!.

Have fun with our quiz and share with your friends! TAKE THIS TEST TO FIGURE IT OUT!


We always wonder what we should do when we grow up, what your future will look like is always a bit scary. Whether you are just graduating from college, newly married, considering a new career, setting goals for retirement, don't stress out too much, watch this EPIC video about growing up that will give you the chills, "here's the most inspiring and compelling gift you can find".


"There are many futures not listed as a result.  So just remember there is more chooses."