What is your spirit animal?

Which creature from the animal kingdom is most alike yourself? An animal quiz to reveal your true spirit…

This is a 10 questions quiz.  If you answer these few, simple questions, at the end of the quiz you will get to know which animal would best suit your spirit. The result will be yours at last! Enjoy!


Surprising Facts About Animal Planet

Animal kingdom is full of non-human brainiacs... we reveal some surprising behaviors and incredible capabilities!

You would not believe what we´ll tell you about elephants, elephants are one of the animal that show empathy, recognizing to another elephant´s pain or problem. They use vibrational activity generated by their trunks and feet to communicate with one another about predators,  dangerous situations, and mating preferences. A crucial role in their survival and reproductive success.  An asian elephant male can imitate human speech, speaking words in Korean that others who know the language can understand, a Current Biology study determined.

Also we have gorilla´s facts, they have their own detailed ways of communicating via calls, gestures, handclaps and more. In fact, gorillas can be trained to interact with humans using sign language.

We cannot forget speak about sharks or dolphins, up to 40 percent of a shark’s brain is dedicated to sense of smell. No wonder some experts believe they can sniff out prey that’s a third of a mile away in the open ocean. The stately giraffe whose head sits some 16 feet up atop an unlikely pedestal, adapted his long neck to compete for foliage with other grazers.

Dolphins have remarkable eyesight and can hear frequencies ten times over what an average adult human can, they sleep with one eye open!... Animals have an array of impressive sensory capabilities. Find your favorite Animal Planet shows here!