The best time for romance is in late February and early March. What you’ll most value in your partner is their sense of duty and loyalty to the family. You begin to realise that nothing in life is perfect, not even the closest relationships. However, you respect and appreciate the relationship that you have because it’s nigh on perfect. If you’re single, you might start a serious relationship in September. You’ll round off 2017 surprisingly uninhibited.

Avoid problems among neighbours between February and June because they could end up spiralling out of control. You’d be better to stay out of it all. During the second half of the year, you’ll feel particularly happy thanks to the excellent relationships between you and your partner and/or family. This might be a good time to raise issues related to your home life. Maybe it’s time to undertake some very drastic home improvements or even move house.

In 2017, you’ll get some news about a payment related to an investment, loan or mortgage that will make you happy. You may have a financial problem between February and June, so you should rein in your expenses. However, in most cases everything will work out in your favour, because the future promises many a profitable opportunity. If you want to buy something big and expensive for your home, the best time is at the end of the year.