Unbelievable whirlwind in Italy

With the climate change that we are experiencing nowadays, it is quite common that adverse phenomena occur in places where it has always been rare or impossible to observe them. In this case, you can see how a small curved whirlwind is formed between the clouds and sea water, recorded by an inhabitant of the Italian town of Castellabate located in the south of the country in the province of Salerno.

You can see a phenomenon called “whirlwind , despite the fact that it may bring forth the image of a waterspout, it doesn’t suck in water from the marine surface. The water that is brought to the base of the cloud is produced by the same internal condensation of ascendant air flow. In fact, as this air column in the form of a whirlwind rises, it produces a low pressure area in its centre. As the moist air that is in contact with the sea precipitates towards this ascent area, the steam that it contains rapidly gets cold, condensed (it turns into a liquid state in the form of micro-drops of water) and becomes visible. It is smaller, less powerful and has a shorter duration than a tornado, but it may be dangerous, particularly for small vessels.