Top 5 Footballers and their pets

1. HULK (Lionel Messi’s dog)

Leo and his longtime girlfriend Antonella, who gave the footballer the pet as a present, are both impressed at how large their gentle dog has gotten in mere weeks — and so are their fans, who have been following the pup pretty intensely on Instagram.


2. BOBBY (Cristiano Ronaldo’s dog)

Cristiano Ronaldo has stepped in to help 80 dogs housed in a shelter facing financial difficulties, according to reports in his home country of Portugal. The Real Madrid forward, has often been praised for his charity work, topping a list of the world’s most generous athletes in 2015. We’re real fans, but also Bobby is! Look how he suports Ronaldo playing with Portugal!


3. SUPER (Ballotelli’s pig)

We all know the «stranger things» around Mario Ballotelli’s life but Super is one of the cutest. Balotelli bought the pig in August 2013 when he was still at AC Milan, announcing the purchase on his Twitter account.

4. LOLA (One of Marcelo’s dogs)

Lola, (pictured on the left) is one of many dogs in Marcelo’s household. The Real Madrid defender has a soft spot for dogs, so why not have a variety? Marcelo and his wife, Clarisse Alves, share their home with six dogs (pictured on the right) on top of raising their son Enzo.


5. POKER (Neymar’s dog)

Poker became Neymar’s sidekick back in 2014, and ever since then, Neymar can’t keep his eyes off the little man. Let’s just say, we can’t either. The Barcelona star is known for uploading selfies of him and his golden retriever to his Instagram account. You can also catch them playing on YouTube.