They try to steal the bag of this woman, but watch the way she defends… BRILLIANT!

Has anyone ever tried to rob you? Nowadays, in our society, that is unfortunately very common, so it is highly recommended to take care of our personal belongings at all time, particularly if we are in public place. This may turn out to be a very traumatic experience, and it can happen to anyone, anytime and without notice.
One of the most common methods consists in pulling the bag of anyone walking on the street. In the next video, you will see an attempted theft which takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During that attempt, the victim who was fortunately just arriving home, responded intelligently and managed to defeat the thief. Anyway, to be able to do what she did, you must have a lot of courage as you never know how criminals may react.

It is not the first time such thing happens, on many occasions several attempted thefts have been seen where things went wrong for the thief because either the victim deployed unexpected strength and faced up to the thief, or the thieves faced obstacles and hindrances which were not part of their plans.

Now, more failed attempted thefts during which the offender becomes the victim of his own evil plan.

In this, we can see how the driver of this bus arms himself with courage (quite literally) and, without thinking twice, started hitting the thief who was trying to  steal inside this public transport.

In other cases, its because of the thief’s own clumsiness that his plans fail to succeed, here is another example where  thanks to an obstacle the victim can collect their bag.