The young dancer who has conquered the Internet

The next video that you are about to see will leave you speechless. A girl of barely 6 years, Johanna, performed an end-of-year dance and became one of the most viewed videos on Youtube. With her confidence, her strength above boards and her stance, the Young girl has conquered the heart of those attending the performance and also of the almost 4 million viewers who watched her show with the song “Respect” of the American artiste, Aretha Franklin. ¡Very sweet!

Of course many videos showing children dancing have become famous because many are full of joy, sympathy and dedication, even when they don’t know or perform the dance as they should, it makes the spectator fall in love with them. Some examples:

This Young girl gave it her all with Father Christmas during his visit to her dance class

Here, this girl draws everyone’s attention to her, although she is surrounded by older people who are dancing, she performs with great talent the choreography of Beyoncé’s song, with a brilliant result.