The secrets of Simeone (AKA El Cholo)

In the Spanish football league, the technical argentine distinguishes himself by his intensity and his sacrifice during trainings of the Atlético de Madrid. Famous around the world for his track record in Argentina as well as with the Atlético de Madrid, his planning methods for each match impacted the red and white team, since its players strictly observe them and this explains the positive results that the team obtained in recent seasons.

Ahead of the league, the Atlético de Madrid is experiencing one of its best times, its team has a very clear game identity: sacrifice. So, trainings must be intensive, dynamic and demand a lot of effort from the player together with a thoroughly designed and applied strategy which makes this team one of the best of the European continent.

In addition to technical and thoroughly designed strategies, other coaches use methods which make their players feel important but more importantly fit to work in team. This is the case of the old coach of F.C. Barcelona Pep Guardiola, his physical and psychological techniques have become very famous in the world of sports and used by many coaches, since they have proved to be highly efficient in those teams where they have been applied. For example, it has been reported that he used to motivate his players with the film “Gladiator”, or even play a «sound track» which they identify with and which motivates them, like the song  “Viva la Vida” of Coldplay, among others.