We always go out with our bag but there is more than one way to carry it. We present some ideas from the best fashion designers: At Dior, the focus is on a classical way to tightly hold the handle of the bag. This way of carrying a bag gives a very ladylike air that we see every day and adapts to any outfit.
Lanvin’s way to carry the bag on the shoulder remains one of the favorite ways of women. This way you wear your bag is timeless, always elegant and fits all bags.
Another way is to carry the bag in your hand, especially during occasions such as weddings. In Giambattista Valli we propose to carry it by one end horizontally instead of vertically.
Elie Saab teaches us how to carry the bag as a shoulder bag without neglecting comfort and to have elegance, especially when it comes to form and a small bag with a retro touch.
In Chanel, a bag is worn over the top of the hand. This is possible thanks to an ingenious fist in the back of their bags. The result? The place of this very feminine accessory redefines attributes of a new universe.
In Carven, they transform a bracelet strap in a way that does not allow the bag to rest on the shoulder. This ingenious system allows you to shine in every situation.
Costume National encourages us to forget the handle and shoulder strap and instead carry the bag under the arm with hip support. This is a new way to bring the ideal for «working girls.»
A handbag becomes a real accessory for Alexis Mabille who plays with two in one. Thus, the hand slides under a knot that adorns the bag as if it were a bracelet. This is one detail that makes it different from what we are used to seeing.
In Céline, the bag gets rolled over the top. The optical effect is reminiscent of the way in which the Americans pick up their bags of brown paper grocery bags.
An Alexander McQueen clutch bag becomes more than just a jewel. With this proposal handbag, fingers are invited to slip into a brooch reminiscent of beautiful brass knuckles. The bag thus becomes a detail very trendy and a delicate dream to be adopted for special occasions. Hermes uses the classic backpack. We can wear it a very classical way or as we proposed in Barbara Bui, caught only by the shoulder and revealing our slightly more rebellious side.
Finally, Nina Ricci handbag appears to be gripped firmly, showing the world an image of a practical woman who takes her life in hand.