One of the essentials to always keep in the closet is a white, basic, unadorned shirt. It is ideal to bring out brown skin. It is also a good ally for necklaces, body with skirts, flared trousers, the slim green olive color, leather miniskirts and short jeans in pastel colors.
A gray sweater is another essential and timeless ideal for wearing with a straight skirt, pants clip, American, high heels and a short pearl necklace. The slim black pants is ideal to wear when we have thin calves. Cotton stretches sufficiently, is thick, slightly high waisted and can be worn rolled up at the ankle and accessorized with black high heels and a loose shirt.
The perfect denim shirt is also part of the indispensable core of a person who wears Prada. It is characterized by a slight fall, semi-controlled notch, well placed pockets and generous coverage. It can be combined with a narrow skirt or slim leather or even a turtleneck or skinny pants. Black heels are an essential complement for virtually everything. They are able to complement a simple slim pants, classic trousers, a black short dress or a dress shirt.
Associated with slight masculine, the sporty style of Coco Chanel’s sailor shirt has the ability to emphasize the appearance of a silhouette. Don’t hesitate to wear it with some dancers and a vintage coat, skirt or golden highlights.
Also in fashion, foulard with a leopard print maxi is very effective in bringing a touch of exoticism to the pieces in white, with square prints or stripes. You can carry this scarf with any outfit.
A blue V-neck sweater is another «must have» in our closets, nevertheless, we must respect three basic rules: Have a sufficiently long neck so as not to see the beginning of the chest, have sleeves long enough to hide your fingers and be made of cashmere. It can be combined with boyfriend jeans rolled up at the ankles, a skirt to go out at night, a babydoll dress or frayed jeans.
If you want to add a retro touch to your look, a leather jacket that you can find in used clothing shops is the perfect complement. Indeed, a leather jacket that reaches below the rear is combined with slim pants or a turtleneck.
Finally, the camouflage jacket is ideal to highlight the basic and add a touch of modernity to patterned pieces. Also you can wear with other pieces of clothing to add a brilliant touch.