After a lean time in matters of love at the beginning of 2017, your romantic relationships will begin to bloom in April. Existing relationships will be strengthened, your lover will become your best friend and you may just confide all your secrets in him or her. October will mark another favourable month for love and a relationship with a friend may turn into something more. If you’re single, don’t lose hope – you might meet your dream lover in the autumn.

At the start of the year, you’ll feel a bit overwhelmed with lots of goings-on at home. A domestic dispute could cause you a headache, but it won’t be serious and will be easily resolved and forgotten. Children or pets could be cause for concern, but again nothing serious in the long term. During the second half of the year, there’ll be a feeling of more happiness and stability in your home environment.

In early 2017, you may assume responsibility for household finances. This will be positive, especially if your partner is somewhat careless with money. It’s important for you to pinpoint and solve minor financial problems and you may have to tell family members to avoid spending beyond their financial means. You should be careful when talking to others about your financial affairs this year. Winter will be the best time to consolidate your financial resources and make low-risk investments.