Someone is talking about you?

Surely you often wonder what kind of friend you are and what your friends say about you.

Now you can know it, pay attention to the following apps:

The ‘app’ that will betray what your friends think of you: «Onedegree«: a new application that could transform the relationship with the closest people by giving away what the contacts of the mobile phone think about oneself and the rest in the agenda. The application that is free does not seek to provoke personal confrontation but to help the users to know us a little better. It is available for IOS (Apple) and Android (Google)



To control the credibility of opinions, simple mechanisms are used, such as limiting only one comment per person. In addition opinions are linked only to contacts on the mobile phone.

If someone on your calendar downloads it, you will see what others say about you «, as soon as the user downloads the application he has access to what is said about him although his contacts can also defend him.

We also find the app «Peeple» in the United States, according to its developer. The application allows you to anonymously comment on the contacts and, at the same time, see the comments that other users have made. You can find more details here!



Or you can ….
Perform this fun test you will have all the answers. Find it out!