Your intimate relationships between February and May will give you some memorable moments. If you’re single, you may meet someone in spring and start a long-term relationship. However, if you let your feelings of passion make you overly possessive, you’ll have problems. Trust your intuition to regain balance in your relationship. Something intensely private and personal will take place in your love life during the last three months of 2017.

In 2017, you could experience some tension at home resulting from a difference of opinion on financial issues, but it will be brief and you’ll get over it. Ideas to improve your standard of living should be raised in the spring and completed in the summer. A family responsibility that shouldn’t be a burden solely for you will only be partially resolved in autumn, and this will give you new hope for the future. By the end of the year, your family life will be fulfilling, interesting and happy.

This year, you’ll have to work harder to achieve your financial goals. A certain effort to manage your money will be positive for your long-term financial security. You’ll be fully aware of the importance of exercising caution and reining in your expenses during the first half of the year. Maybe others will disagree with you, but you must be consistent and stand firm. Good news in October will be the start of an improvement in your finances.