Although your love life won’t be incredibly erotic during the first few months of 2017, you will enjoy a satisfying and stimulating relationship. If you’re single and meet someone in January who acts secretly and strangely, you won’t put up with it for long. You’ll be frank and honest in your relationships, and you’ll expect your partner to be the same. Between March and May, you may start making plans to live together with your partner.

There could be tension in and around your home environment in February. Your first instinct will be not to pay much attention to them, but seeing as others want you to foster peace and family stability, you should try to convince them to start supporting each other and look for advice and help instead of fighting among themselves. You’ll reach an agreement on home improvements towards the end of the year, and by then an atmosphere of harmony and happiness will once again reign in your family.

A conversation in early 2017 will cause concern. You may find out that your partner or a family member has been spending too much. A quickfire solution to the problem will prevent it from going any further. You may have cash flow problems in June due to travel or work-related costs. It’s a situation you cannot avoid, but thanks to some income in the fourth quarter, you’ll overcome your financial problems.