Rarest water animals you can find!! :-o

The beach or places where you can cool off are usually a favorite vacation destination of almost everyone…But what we don´t know is that there is  more hidden surprises that you might not imagine… Let us to tell you some histories…

Imagine a family going on holiday to practice Cage Diving in South Africa. When… they are surprised by some curious animals! 😮 Have a look who is living under the water…


There are penguins living in the wild in a beach in South Africa. If you want to do something different you can go to this place in South Africa near the Cape where penguins simply spend their day relaxing while you are joining them. This is something unusually rare, even today. So I urge you to go there, especially if you plan visit the area to the south of Cape Town.

And this is not all, a swimmer in South Africa had a big surprise! She was suddenly surprised by dolphins, see them!:


Others 11 unknown and very interesting animals. Most have incredible physical characteristics. Good find!

1. Crocodile (Cassius)

The 5.8 meter-long Australian crocodile «Cassius» has again become the captive specimen of its largest species in the world of the recent death of «Lolong», a Philippine specimen of 6.17 meters. [More information: Wikipedia]

Resultado de imagen de El cocodrilo australiano Cassius

2. Sea of the pig

The sea pig (Scotoplanes) is the family of sea cucumber, lives on very deep waters, usually more than 1000 meters. It is found in the Indian Ocean, Atlantic and Pacific, and very little in Antarctica. This curious animal feeds on organic particles, found in the mud at the ocean bottom. [More information: Wikipedia]


3. Mexican mole lizard

This animal is a species of large worms that has the peculiarity of having two legs in the front. It is mainly found in Mexico and they usually measure between 15 and 23 centimeters. [More information: Wikipedia]Bipes_biporus

4. Giant salamander (Cryptobranchidae)

Measuring up to 2 meters, is the largest salamander known to date. [More information: Wikipedia]


5. Giant isopod (Bathynomus)

He is a very large marine isopoda, part of the crustaceans. The giant bathynome is a case of gigantic abyssal (meaning it is an animal that lives in the abyss, that has a larger size than its surface counterparts). [More information: Wikipedia]


6. Hagfish (occasionally called slime eels)

It is an anguilliform aquatic animal, which has no jaw, but a pair of horizontal structures with teeth surrounded by four buccal spikes and four spines around the nostril. [More information: Wikipedia]


7. Hairy frog

Scientifically called Trichobatrachus robustus, which lives in African countries and as its name suggests some hairs on the body. [More information: Wikipedia]


8. Koi

Discovered in 2003, this fish has the peculiarity of having a head close to that of humans. Ile would be a type of hybrid animal, a cross between two species of carp. He lives in a pond in Chongju, near Seoul, Korea. It is also found in Slovenia, in the underwater caves of Lake Bohinj. [More information: Wikipedia (English)]


9. Shark goblin…

Video and information here: shark with alien mouth.

10. Purple frog

Its scientific name is Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis, it is a frog with a pointed snout that lives in India. [More information: Wikipedia]


11. Leafy seadragon (Phycodurus eques)

Phycodurus eques  is a species of marine fish related to the south coast of Australian native seahorse, where it is protected. [More information: Wikipedia]


After knowing these animals…. be aware before entering the water this summer 😉