Pokemon turns 21!

It’s safe to say that everyone know what Pokemon is. For some, it started during their childhood in the nineties but after last summer’s release of PokemonGo, the whole world knows Pikachu and all of its cute friends.

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To celebrate the 21st birthday of these adorable creatures, Nintendo is introducing until march 6th, a limited version of Pikachu with a festive hat on.

According to Niantic developers, «These special Pikachu will keep their party hats forever, but they can only be found during this limited-time celebration, so make sure to keep an eye out for them as you explore!»

So if you go out to see if you can find the Special Pikachu – let’s face it, who can resist…- then make sure to take a picture and share it using #PokemonDay


But that’s not the only thing Nintendo is doing, it is also making the classic Pokemon movies available on their website. You can watch them through their app or through Pokémon TV

Read Nintendo’s post on everything they’ve been doing to celebrate the epic birthday and read all about their new product launch and upgrades.

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So go outside and enjoy the nice sunny weather.

 Gotta catch’em all!