Pokémon GO, selection of the best tricks

Nintendo wants to position itself in the mobile world, and after its successful «Miitomo», it has now launched «Pokémon GO»- a virtual reality game that has made reality the dream of thousands of young people to become Pokémon trainers in the real world.

Those who live outside the United States and Australia will still have to wait a little, but the expectation increases more and more every day, and it will be just a matter of days before we can all become Pokemon trainers in real time.

Each Pokémon in their surroundings

In ‘Pokémon GO’ we can pretend with everyone, or at least try. But first we have to look for them. One of the most interesting details of the game is that if want to create a balanced team, we have to move and travel to various points in our surroundings, and that if we need a Water type Pokémon, it’s best approach to aquatic areas such as rivers, lakes, swimming pools and even the beach. It’s the same with Plant type and forests, or Spooky type when it’s night.

Turn off the camera

It may take the flair away from the invention for many, but for those who prefer to have a more cartoon background in the game or just don’t want to or aren’t able to enable their phone camera, they will find an interesting alternative. However, and although part of the charm is lost, more pragmatic players can better calculate the launching angle, and will thereforehave better results in their catch.

Battery saving mode

One of the most discussed points about the game is the significant battery consumption of ‘Pokémon GO’. What is rarely mentioned is that if we throw the Pokeball and we go into the settings, we will find an option that lets us continue using the phone for a little longer. Either way, you will save more battery if you remove the automatic lock and leave the active play with the screen turned off.

Repeated Pokémon

Poor Rattata! What is possibly the second or third Pokémon to join our adventure will inevitably become the symbol of farming during our early progress, and finally in the most avoided Pokémon along with Magikarps. However, in ‘Pokémon GO’ there will be a certain sense to catch them after a certain period as we can send them to Professor Willow in exchange for a Rare Candy  which will allow us to quickly evolve our other Pokémon. Unless we are happy having 50 Pidgeys, of course.

Launching the Pokeball

For years, many of us think that if we hold down a button on the classic ‘Pokemon’ games while shaking the Pokeball, would have more chance of catching our target. Nothing could be further from the truth. However in ‘Pokémon Go’ this theory makes sense: when launching, a small green circle will appear, which will gradually reduce in size until reaching a point where our chances of capturing it will considerably increase. Finally!

The circles

If we run out of Pokeballs and we find a Pokémon surrounded by a yellow circle, it signifies an adversary advanced level, which means it will have a greater than normal attacking power, and more resistance when being caught. The same applies to those who have a red circle, which are the most difficult to capture. With the most powerful Pokémon it’s not a novelty, but would it be worth spending a few extra items for a Metapod?