2017 will be a good year for Pisces looking for love or already in a relationship. According to the stars, the keyword for Pisces this year is commitment, and this means that you’ll opt for stability and long-lasting relationships rather than sporadic adventures. If you’re a Pisces, it’s important to express your wishes clearly and not to hide things from your partner, because this could cause problems. It’s not a good year to keep secrets. Even for Pisces who have been shying away from taking a difficult decision about a relationship that isn’t working, this could be the year in which you take it. This doesn’t necessarily mean a definite break-up, but it does entail a very profound change in the type of relationship you have. If you’re looking for a partner, 2017 will be very a promising year. And if you have a steady partner, wedding bells may be in the air. As for your social life and circle of friends, this year won’t be lacking invitations to take part in all types of gatherings: parties, trips away, get-togethers with friends etc. Thanks to the presence of Jupiter in your 11th house, you’ll have a great deal of fun, but it’s important that you control spending with so much social activity. You’ll feel at ease with your family, although you may have a minor falling-out with relatives during the summer and also at the end of the year. You should try to resolve these small differences of opinion to stop them spiralling and turning into major problems.

2017 will be a great year for Pisces, who will receive good news, have success and be lucky in all aspects of life. During the first six months, you may have to overcome some obstacles, but if you don’t let them distract you, from July onwards everything will go smoothly. It will be a good year health-wise and you’ll have a sense of well-being and happiness that will only help to further improve your health. It will be a great year for doing sports and enjoying the outdoors. You should take special care when driving. It will be a good year for work and leisure travel, and you may go on a long-haul trip in 2017. If you have your own company, you may you start some kind of partnership or international project.

For Pisces, 2017 will bring significant changes in the field of money and work. It will be a very good year from a financial standpoint. You’ll have to choose between remaining in a comfortable job and throwing caution to the wind. If you plump for the second option, you’ll be likely to receive major financial compensation and new-found professional recognition from your superiors. Between June and November, when Pluto returns to Sagittarius, these job and salary upgrades will be consolidated. Everything points towards 2017 being a year of happiness, success and prosperity. A friend or colleague may help you move forward with some kind of business project. If you have debts, this year you may finally be able to afford to pay them off, or if someone owes you money, they’ll pay you back. You’ll gain the respect of your workmates or employees this year and your new success won’t be cause for envy because you will have earned it through your hard work.