About us


If you have come this far you are probably very interested in knowing what and who is behind this wonderful blog. So keep reading so you can get to know little more about us, it won’t take you more than 3 minutes!

After giving it some thought and looking into different blog names we finally found one that describes us best; TopCoolWeb. Why did we choose this name for our blog? Let us explain why:

TOP: Because we strive to find the best content for our users

COOL: Because we are focused on finding the «coolest» content out there. We are always looking to share the best and most viral content for you to enjoy, we also generate our own content always on par with a high standard so we can maintain a certain level of “coolness”.

WEB: Since we are focused on promoting the best viral and online trends we find all over the web we could skip adding “web” to our name, so you know where the best content comes from.

A few months ago, we decided to improve our website optimizing it in order to enhance the user experience of our users both on desktop and on mobile. We are constantly working on improving our brand so our users can enjoy reading and sharing our content.


Who run’s this blog? 5 Fantastic Girls, exactly. We are a team composed of 5 girls and we call ourselves “The 5 Fantastic Girls” (“FFG” for short). We are all from different nationalities, have different tastes… maybe someday we’ll share a selfie with you guys ;), but above all, we enjoy sharing with you the best content we find online!



If you are reading our blogs you’re going to find advertisements provided by Google, we try to make these ads the less invasive possible so they don’t harm your experience. We need to maintain a steady income so we can keep sharing all the wonderful content we bring on a daily basis. Very soon we will include new ad formats provided by Facebook, and we will enable a contact form we’re other advertisers can feel free to reach out to give us any proposal, so if you are one of them, stay tuned!


We would love to know your feedback, we would be grateful to receive your comments and suggestions. We will open soon a new section aimed to discover new talents like you, some brave friends which would like to be part of our team!


TopCoolWeb, all the best from the Web!

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