Although stripes are timeless, horizontal or vertical and narrow or thicker stripes can quickly complicate when added to an outfit. We present some tips for tasteful looks:
Vertical and horizontal stripes have very different optical effects for the silhouettes. So let’s praise vertical stripes for their ability to give a slimming effect to your wardrobe. Horizontal stripes create the reverse effect and tend to compress and expand the silhouette. In this sense, if you have a little belly or chest shun long horizontal stripes and opt for vertical stripes.
Between horizontal and vertical stripes are oblique lines. These stripes are perfect to give a little more volume to small breasts.
Another thing to consider is the width of the stripes. The plump woman should avoid wide, horizontal stripes and embrace thin stripes. Conversely, tall women should promote wearing wider stripes.
In regards to style, thin stripes are more chic, while wide stripes are more lighthearted.
Concerning the color of the stripes, the most classic are black stripes, navy and white or blue and white. But if you want to take the risk and choose combinations of other colors, be careful that these combine well, and avoid combinations such as the orange and green or yellow and red.
If you opt to wear a piece of clothing with stripes, pair it with solid colors to present a uniformed look. So, if for example you wear a top with red and white stripes, opt for a bottom of a uniform color with the color of the stripes (white or red). Do the same with accessories. Conversely, if you really like a bag of blue and white stripes, dress in one color.