If you’re open to love, a passion-filled relationship at the beginning of the year could fill you with optimism for the future. If you live with your partner, you’ll manage to keep the flame of romance alive in your relationship, despite a few glitches between February and June. Commitment and affection are the most important aspects of your relationships throughout 2017, and by autumn you’ll realise that all the effort you’ve put into your relationship will have strengthened the sense of unity that you need.

Your home is the centre of your world, but you demand justice and equality within the domestic environment. If you’re a parent, activities with your kids will reward you so much that you’ll want to spend even more time with them. You’ll seek the cooperation of your partner and other family members in performing household chores. As long as everyone knows how to work together, there shouldn’t be any family issues this year.

Certain extravagance on your part this year will make you constantly be on the lookout for objections from your partner or another family member. However, even despite your whims, there’s enough money to meet all expenses; no one will be complaining. Your relatives are aware of your efforts and your hard work, and this year you’ll receive their appreciation for the efforts you’ve made in the past. You might receive some good news in October.