You’ll be happy just sharing your life and your happiness with your partner, and there’s an emphasis on your emotional relationships in the month of February. If you’re single, you may be about to take a relationship towards the altar. During the summer, you’ll have some very clear romantic goals, which you’ll pursue with great resolve. In the second fortnight of October, you may experience moments of particular affection, and in December your partner will help you find solutions to some domestic or professional problems.

Your life will be the source of all your joy, pleasure and satisfaction at the start of 2017, and you’ll enjoy getting involved in the community or in a voluntary activity. All the energy you put into domestic and local projects will bring you great results, from a personal and a psychological point of view. You need to find some time to take a rest. In November, you may need to change your usual household routine to accommodate new commitments.

Money issues seem positive at the beginning of the year, and conversations will lead to a shared and positive understanding on future financial issues. A creative talent might turn into a profitable project, but the cost of materials, transport and admin may be higher than income. Speculative transactions are not advised in the summer. You’ll have more secure opportunities to make investments towards the end of the year.