Kid Destroys Dollar Store

We often say of someone who is careless, or not so discrete while entering a place that he entered “like an elephant in a china store” Well, we can apply this to the reaction of this 10 year old boy, but this time for an uncontrollable tantrum. The child got angry for unknown reasons and started trashing this shop in which he was, throwing away everything he found on his way and nobody could stop him. After several minutes during which he nearly assaulted a customer, an employee of the shop grabs him by force and throws him out of the shop.

The video uploaded on YouTube and which went viral in a very short time as it was viewed by more than one million people, attracted different types of criticisms, like those relating to the behaviour of the one who recorded the video and does nothing to help and make the young boy stop, the absence of the child’s parents, or even about the way the shop employee threw the child out. The truth is that this boy lacks a good slap given in good time.