It suited you so well

Obviously there are people with a lot of free time on their hand who do not know what to do to keep themselves busy. This must be the case of the guy on this video (and the one recording him) who do not have anything better to do than to go to the countryside to drive around in quad, spinning around and skidding until they fall off.

Perhaps they want to turn into famous youtubers or make a viral video…We don’t know why sometimes human beings act in such an absurd and incoherent manner…

Let’s leave them a good video with more than 1 million visits so that if these kids ever happen to visit TopCoolWeb, they know what more silliness they can do on a quad.

This still doesn’t seem funny to us, but if it has 1 million of visits it must be because there are many of you who laugh your heads off, no?

Party Down South lol what cmt ha ha ha