After a shower it is the best time to pluck because the pores are open and it is easier to pull up the hairs. With a white eye pencil draw the eyebrow contour and pull up the hairs out of that line with the tweezers and in the direction of its growth. -Shape and Thickness: you must remove the hairs from left to right following the eyebrow line and respecting the natural base. The beginning of the eyebrow will be left thicker and the line will sharpen at the end. -Length: one trick consists of putting a pencil in a vertical position beside the nostril of your nose; on the point that it touches the eyebrow is where you start to pluck. From there, move from the inside of the eye to the end of the eye in a straight-line; this point where the eyebrow is cut is where it must end. The eyebrow bow, the highest point, will be found a quarter of the way to the end of the eyebrow, in line with the end of the iris. -Depending on your face, you must pluck your eyebrows in one way or another: if you have a round face, rising eyebrows go well with your face and they will make you look stylish. If instead you have a long face, straight eyebrows will look better, since they visually shorten the face. Triangular eyebrows with high peaks are the best option for square faces. If your eyes are close together, you must pluck the initial edges of the eyebrows to create more space between them.