The physiognomy of «hourglass» is similar to the «eight,» which differs only in the fact that the waist is a little less noticeable and bust and hips are the same width.
With this figure, considered ideal, the trick is to play with the volumes to highlight your glamorous side. To achieve this, we advise you to highlight your waist. Knitted dresses are perfect for this physiognomy, but be careful not to mix prints. If you opt for the lace details, let go of fliers to respect and emphasize your silhouette. Likewise, avoid the stretch and the effect given by overly straight dresses that make you look as if you are plump. The «pyramid» physiognomy is the most common silhouette. The shoulders and bust are narrow and hips are wider. It is regarded as a sensual and very feminine silhouette. With this shape, your goal is to bring focus to the shoulders and hide the hips. To achieve this, avoid pleats because they create the illusion of volume and amplify. Empire waist dresses are perfect for this type of shape to underline the chest and bust. Pick a dress that flows to conceal wider hips. The «inverted pyramid» physiognomy is very masculine and is characterized by broad shoulders and breasts, a narrow waist and slender legs. If this is your body shape, your goal is to conceal the shoulders and enlarge the hips and legs. For this type of silhouette, wrap dresses and jumpers are ideal that contain a modest bust level with straps or ¾ sleeves. The models below the knees allow for showing off the thinness of the legs. We can also use the sailor dresses since horizontal stripes provide balance to the silhouette. The «oval,» physiognomy resembles the «pyramid» where there are narrow shoulders and hips a little wider. Breasts are usually generous. If this is your figure, you have to allow volume to disguise your shoulders and hips slightly while you highlight your feminine curves. To achieve this, shirt dresses suit this silhouette since the front buttons hide the belly. We favor long knee level clothing and thin, vertical lines. The tight chest forms are also adapted to this kind of silhouette. The «rectangle» physiognomy is characterized by shoulders and hips of the same width. The bust is small and slightly visible waist. To rebalance the proportions, we need to create an optical illusion that the waistline is thinner. To feminize the entire outfit, add in overlaps with muslin and highlight the chest with a round neck. In this sense, heart-neck dresses are great for creating volume and feminizing your figure. Regarding the patterns, try to opt for large flowers or geometric shapes. The «round» physiognomy is characteristic of women who are marked with little waist. Their weight is spread throughout the body. If this is your body shape, your goal will be to highlight your neckline and conceal the roundness. In this regard, the ideal dress is trapezoidal shaped made from lightweight fabric because it does not mark the waist or hips. If you have a lot of chest, do not hesitate to use fasteners lowering effect, just as if you have small breasts, use a bra that will help highlight it. The «eight» physiognomy in is an ideal silhouette because it is very feminine and includes many curves. The shoulders are rounded like the hips and there is a thin waist. With this shape you can afford to put on whatever you want. So you can put on a tight dress to highlight your chest or a dress-shaped tube to flatter your silhouette without crushing it.