How much should you be getting paid?

You may love the job or field you’re currently in, however you may wonder how much they’re cashing in…. To determine your salary range, you will have to wonder yourself several questions like a, are you in a big city or a small rural town?  how your pay measures up to others’ in your field?  what you’re really worth? you will have to think about your prior experience, about your level of education, considerer your location. And of course, how much do you want or need!?




Fortunately a bunch of companies have arrived with tricked-out tools for figuring out what you should be getting paid, the experts suggest you start with an online search on sites like,,, for example, here we mention you here two of them:  is an online salary, benefits and compensation information company and is our favorite. In fact, we really like them because they systematically collect data in very specific categories so you can match your situation—years of experience, geography, education—to get your real value in the market. is a good one if you are trying to get a raise. Get a salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. is not as thorough as Payscale with its data collection, but skews higher than Payscale, so if you have to bring a first number to the negotiating process, use 😉


If you are still having doubts about your salary, not sure if your salary is commensurate with your skills and accomplishments…  Figure out how much you should be paid ans have fun with our super Quiz: “salary calculator”!!!


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