Her battery goes out and she goes crazy

Travelling on the subway can be for many an added stress to their day. These days, traveling on the subway of several cities in the world is more bearable thanks to the mobile devices which accompany us in any travel, mobile phones, tablets, e-books… are on the agenda. But we can only enjoy them provided of course that the latter have sufficient battery, something that the main character in the next video does not experience. The woman, a passenger on the Hong Kong Subway, finds herself without battery while traveling and gets angry, you can see how she looses control, screams, shakes, kicks, cries and even loses one of her shoes, drawing the attention of the other travelers.

The video recorded by another user of the subway of the Chinese city was uploaded on Youtube and in a very short time it went viral especially as the young woman has a reaction likely to be that of a 5 year old boy rather than that of a person her age. This said, it is true that the short duration of mobile devices’ batteries do often play dirty tricks on us, particularly when we need them most.