Ghost generates shock in social networks!!

Video records the moment a truck dodges a woman when she appears unexpectedly on a road, she does not suffer any injuries, she just keeps walking.
The video is generating great commotion in social networks for its realism. In the clip you can see how a woman eludes a truck at full speed like a ghost.
The images date from the year 2012, but have gained great relevance in the last hours. In the video you can see how a woman appears out of nowhere to avoid a truck at full speed.
The video does not show how the woman appears in the middle of the tracks, that is why many have classified it as a ‘ghost’. Suddenly the truck makes a strange movement and the woman materializes just behind the vehicle.

The video was recorded by a person behind the truck on the tracks. The images have caused panic because the woman does not seem to be afraid of what may have happened and continues on her way.
Since the video was broadcast, on October 4, more than 150 thousand people have seen it. Users of social networks can find no explanation for the mysterious appearance of the so-called ‘ghost woman’ now.
Here we have shocking images of the ghost that frightens the world, do not miss it and tell us, Have you ever experienced something like that?

Videos that show ghostly beings are very successful on the Internet, especially those that look real.
This happened in Paseo de la Reforma, at 2:20 in the morning.
After seeing the pictures, tell us if the video is true or is it a more montage of social networks?