Jeans have an important place in menswear from the late nineteenth century when, especially in the United States, they had an incredible success. Endlessly recreated, jeans are becoming more innovative. The notches are multiplied and contain diversified colors. Simple and elegant. The notch jeans fits most people and its association with sports is ideal.
Low notch jeans with a shirt or T-shirt can be worn on all occasions, whether in informal environments or more groomed. You can find them in different colors, worn or not.
There are also jeans with notches to fit each person. The bootcut (low notch, subtly glued to knee level and a slight widening in the lower part), or cut trumpet accentuate curves. The lightweight extension allows you to cover part of the shoe laces. Combine faded jeans with a V-neck shirt and a one cardigan suit to keep up with our times in the dandy-bohemian trend.
With the slim form, we must be vigilant especially at the level of ass, to not appear to flatten. This notch is designed for men with a slender build, but not too thin physically. For those who can afford it, it is advisable to wear them with boots, derbies or thin-soled sport shoes. To complete the look, choose a fitted shirt and a leather belt.
Intermediate sizes or low cuts allow flatter your silhouette.