Emilia Clarke

Maybe you don’t recognize her by her true name… Emilia Clarke, but if you are an unconditional fan of the fashion series “Game of Thrones”, you would recognize her perfectly. If there is no doubt that the young queen Daenerys Targaryen is not renown for her friendliness, in the next video, we can see how in her real life the girl is just the opposite, a sweet and very nice girl, who, during this interview about her role in the film “Terminator: Genisys”, is subject to a  laughing fit that she does not even attempt to stop but to which rather she makes her interviewer participate.

One of the qualities that her colleagues have always highlighted, technicians as well as other actors, is that the young girl always proves to be very close and shows empathy for everyone, something which, when carrying out a work, has a very positive impact, particularly on the result, when things are well done and in a good working atmosphere, results are always optimal, and in this case there is nothing more to say, here are the figures and the acclaim the HBO series gets every week.