Did we really land on the Moon?

On 20 July 1969, nearly 600 million people worldwide live witnessed one of the most important achievements of humanity: the arrival of man on the moon. This way it was accomplished an idea concocted by President Kennedy in 1961, when in the midst of the Cold War the US decided should reach the natural satellite of the Earth and also have an audiovisual record of the feat.

Years later came the controversy and the accusations began regarding what really happened and how the audiovisual record was made. This is what we found out.

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Why there are no stars? The absence of stars in the pictures is one of the arguments, considering that the sky of the moon has no atmosphere to prevent free vision of space. So although there are those who say that everything depends on the exposure time, the missing stars are a big question.

What happens to the footprint having no moisture or air? Why then there footprints? One of the photos shows a footprint, but if there is no moisture or air then how is it that the tracks were marked in the lunar soil. If scientists mentioned that due to the type of land, as on earth, particles allow the tread is left unchecked, then as explained in next point…

Why the lunar module did not leave a large footprint, considering its weight and propellers? The gravity of the Moon, being six times less than on Earth, helped not exist a considerable trace of its passage through the surface. In addition, it takes into account that much of the weight lost by the fuel used in the landing. But if this theory were true, why the human footprint is marked (whose weight is much lower than the propellant) and the propellant leaves no trace?


In July 1969, when Armstrong and Aldrin lifted off, left behind varied instrumental, such as the American flag and part of the lunar module. So why not can be seen with a telescope? Whereas normal telescopes do not have the resolution needed to see that, the more specialized yes. But it is still a mystery.

As the flag waved, it was bent during the trip, causing that effect. On the side of the framed and with «perfect» exhibits photographs, only the best were selected, and NASA says that there were several evenings or unfocused. However, all seem excuses because the original photograph shows that the flag is waving … In a place where there is no air or wind … Strange.


Of all the questions that arise, the most striking is the reason why the human being revisited the moon only a few times since then and has more never again step on the lunar soil, considering that technology advances and increasing that for more than 40 years these technologies have had to be much better.

You can choose to believe what you want, but we all want more explanations about this.