28982ca06edbb22d300d4c2d5b417f9f– 200 ml whipped cream
– Punnet of strawberries
– Chocolate vermicelli

Just hull the strawberries and cut their tails off horizontally, about a third of the way up. You’re going to need an icing bag and nozzle for this one: a simple Google image search can show you what happens when you lack precision. (Also, if you’re making them for an event that isn’t happening immediately, you might want to secure them with toothpicks. Just warn people about this.) Carefully pipe cream onto the bottom half. Don’t overdo it or the hat will fall off. Carefully put the other bit of strawberry on top, and bobble some cream onto the tip. Give him cream buttons using a toothpick, and (with tweezers, if necessary) poke some vermicelli eyes into the cream. Done!