Don’t think so much about your family commitments or your extended family – at the beginning of 2017, your priority should be romance and your sensual side. If you think that there’s no romance left in your relationship, use 2017 to invent new ideas on how to fill it with passion. Your positive outlook will reap major rewards because your optimism stimulates your partner’s best side. In 2017, you should discuss decisions affecting your work and family with your partner. If you’re single, you’ll be lucky in love at the beginning and end of the year.

Your main goal in the first half of this year is to create harmonious family relationships and a viable domestic routine. Your steady relationship and a happy home will help you gain the security you need. Creating a home and a close-knit family is a key issue in your life, and you’ll love spending time with those you love the most. In 2017, you’ll enjoy forging deeper relationships with family and friends.

A trip in the spring will be costly, but you’ll enjoy the break so much that every penny spent will be worth it. In the summer, you may show an overly serious attitude towards your finances. Between July and December, you’ll be repeatedly checking up on household expenses. If you think your partner is spending more money than necessary, you should find a way to explain your opinion but diplomatically. Don’t fall out over money issues.