Brangelina… … Will it be the most expensive divorce in Hollywood history?

Recently comes up horrible news for all film buffs: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the glamour couple are divorcing. A shame for all the people we have seen how their love has evolved from the filming of «Mr. And Mrs. Smith», 12 years ago.

There are many rumors circulating on the internet about this divorce: Pitt `s bad habits, drugs (weed), infidelities … but as everyone knows what we have at home, we should consider the official version and it says that it is due to differences in the education of their multiple children.

What can be expected is that this divorce is not going to be a normal divorce. Surely, Brad Pitt will have to pay a big compensation to Angelina Jolie (and involves over 400M) but … will it be the most expensive divorce in Hollywood history?

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At the TOP of the list is the charismatic Mel Gibson after his break up with Robyn Moore. The actor of great films as «Braveheart» or «The Patriot» had to pay an amount close to one billion dollars, something like half of his fortune.

We were all surprised by the second most expensive divorce which was between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. The actor of «Wall Street» decided to separate from his wife after 12 years due to her changes of mood. That decision cost him about 450 million dollars. It is like you have to think twice before making a decision … right?

TOP three would be «Brangelina». As we mentioned before, they were the couple of glamour and social causes. But … doubtless many will be very happy to get Brad Pitt back on the market.

The fourth most expensive divorce in Hollywood history is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman´s, the stars of «White Eyes Shut». They were a perfect match, but they decided to break their marriage in 2001. We do not know if Scientology had something to do with the divorce. What we do know is that this divorce cost Tom around 85M. And for the next divorce from Katie Holmes, the actor had to pay again a fair amount of compensation.

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Finally, this divorce list closes the top five with a pop-star. Yes, indeed, Madonna. Her divorce from Guy Ritchie (director of films such as «Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds» or «Rockandrolla»), forced him to compensate her by an amount close to 80 million, which is not bad at all.

It seems that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have gone directly to the history of Hollywood, their divorce in one of the most expensive and surprising divorces of the history. We do not know the exact reason for this divorce but it will be a shame not to see more about «Brangelina» parading on the red carpet with their children.

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