Are you playing TigerBall?

Have you started playing Tigerball? The addictive game has been a hit this 2017 and has reached over 30 million downloads. And it’s no surprise!


The game consists on throwing a bouncy ball into a basket. The simpleness of the game is what is makes it so attractive. It’s the perfect game to play in the car or to wait for your friends who are always late… or even when you’re bored at home.

giphy (4)


Looks easy, right? Well… the ball is VERY bouncy and the levels get more complicated.

Boring? NOPE. The game allows changing the order of the levels (from easy to hard or random mode) but the cool part is you can also switch balls. And each ball has different characteristics. A bowling ball will bounce less than a tennis ball per example and the good part is you can change them according to the level.

It’s fun when a simple game can also have a strategic side to it, adapting to each game player’s needs.


Once you lose your lives, you are taken back to the first level again making it fun to outdo your high score.

And just look at how crazy the levels get:


 giphy (5)

Tigerball is available for free on the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft store.

Stay bouncy!