Bowling seems like an easy game but if you take into account the following advice you will avoid what happens to the main character in this video:

Sisters movie omg dead amy poehler

As we wouldn’t like such a disaster to happen to you, do take note of these 4 good tips:

  1. Psychological state

You need to be relaxed since you have to concentrate on the lane and throw the ball towards your objective: to knock them all down.

high quality concentration


  1. Choosing your ball

You have to choose a ball with holes that fit your fingers, if you hold it with holes too big you run the risk of it falling while you are trying to throw it and if the holes are too small you may end up flying with it while attempting to throw it.

If it weighs too much for you of course it will fall before arriving at the point from which you need to throw it and if it doesn’t weigh enough you can make it fly (and what happened to the character in the video will happen to you as well)

fail ouch bowl bowling failure

  1. Warm up

What did you think, that you were just going to move your arm? To get a good swing you need to stretch your arms and legs, warm up your wrists, elbows, knees…if not you may pull something and be stiff like a statue.

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  1. Footwear

Bowling shoes are , but if you don’t choose them well and use them correctly they could represent a risk. Choose your size well (not too big or too small), don’t go running, they slip more than you think, and last but not least wear something that protects your feet against fungi, bacteria and other “residues” that those who used the shoes before you may have left.