A girl eats corn on the cob hooked to a drill and pulls her hair out

It is often said that the human being is the most intelligent being on Earth… but it is also true that there are exceptions.

In this case, we can see in the next video how a girl performs the challenge in vogue in China. It consists in fixing a corn on the cob to a drill in such a way that while it is running, she can eat it all in a few seconds.  But something went wrong with the young girl, her loose hair remained hung to the tool and pulled a large strand of her hair out, leaving a part of scalp bare in the fringe area.


This video has become viral on the Internet and went around the world in no time, and there is even a second part in which the girl is seen getting treatment for her spectacular attempt.

Here, you can watch the original video which gave the idea of this challenge that many people tried to perform.