A girl climbs over the fence and into the crocodile cage: Here is what happens

Love for animals is very good, and even beneficial to your health, however, there are cases where excess of love for them makes people act completely out of norm. In this case, this Mexican girl identified as Stacy Boo thanks to the video publication on Facebook does not hesitate to jump in the crocodile pit with the intention of touching these reptiles. Once inside, after jumping the security barrier,  the girl gets close to a large size animal while her friend records it from outside.  As she is about to touch it, the latter responds in a violent manner by opening its jaws; faced with this she falls and quickly looks for an exit.



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Another recent case is that of a 4 year old child who fell into the gorilla pit in the zoo of Cincinatti. The child accidentally fell in the area, one of the gorillas got close to him and tried to play with him while the child was crying inconsolably, finally faced with the potential danger, especially as the gorilla became nervous, the managers of the park decided to kill the animal to rescue the child.