A competition of dancing priests!!

If you love dance, you will identify with these two seminarians who decided to support a charity event in Rome.

Both Young people are from America. David Rider, 29 is from Hyde Park (New York) and John Gibson, 28 is from Milwaukee.

What made them jump to fame took place in the North American College, an elite American seminary in the Vatican.

David entertained the audience with a tap dancing choreography and John did the same with an Irish dance. Both entered the competition to try to impress the audience.

The person who recorded the moment and published it later on YouTube was Joan Lewis, a journalist.


This is not the first time the clergy shows its love for music and it is mentioned in the bible that we must live life with joy.

When we recall musical moments relating to the church, we can’t help but mention Sister Act and Whoopie Goldberg, do you remember her?

The most recent clerical performance happened in the talent show The Voice, where in its Italian version sister Cristina Scuccia won one of its editions.

There are many who have qualified disrespectfully the performance of these two young … What do you think? Do you think it has really been disrespectful?