The sarong is indispensable in order to have a more feminine air on the beach or just to hide the small handles. Discover 5 Ideas to wear a sarong:

– Around waist: This way to wear the sarong is very simple and practical. It is enough to tie the sarong around your waist any side you want. Do not forget to make a nice knot for a more feminine touch. For a shorter version, bend your sarong in half before tying.
– Around bust: The technique is the same as carrying around the waist but this time bind the sarong around your bust, passing it under the armpits. – Over the shoulder: In keeping with the trend of asymmetry of this summer, you can also wear the sarong. To achieve this, tie the sarong to your bust, leaving a long side. Pass the two sides under your arms and the shorter side over your shoulder blade. Gather the longer side and stretch it to the shoulder position. You will have to tie it to the other side that is at your back.
– Around the neck: With this technique, a matching dress looks lovely to go shopping in after the beach. Put the sarong on your back and bring the ends forward under the arms. Cross both sides in front of the chest and tie them behind the neck.
– Across the chest: This knot is very convenient to make the top of your sarong more sophisticated when tied. Put the sarong in front of the neck. Cross both sides in the back, at the level of the shoulder blades, and bring them forward. Bind the two ends at chest level and let the two ends fall over your hips.