When choosing a shirt, you should consider the following points:

The first criteria to consider in choosing a shirt obviously is always looking for a comfortable shirt, but also resistant. For both summer and winter, a 100% cotton shirt is the perfect shirt for comfort/resistance.
The sleeves should always be long. At arm’s length, a perfect shirt should arrive just after your wrist. This will allow you to bend the arm and wrist comfortably.
The collar is composed of three layers. You have two layers of fabric and mostly solid interlining. When selected, keep in mind that there are 3 different fabric models: rigid, classic and versatile. The choice should be based on your personal taste.
Another point to consider is the seams of the shirt. They must be thin and discreet. To evaluate this, count the number of points on a centimeter seam. The more there are, the better the shirt is. Similarly, you should review the buttons at the seams.
Finally, a quality shirt must have pearl buttons, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the classic pearl from plastic. A simple trick is to distinguish by touch. A real pearl maintains freshness, so it is cool to the touch.