10 hidden dangers of the beach

The beach is usually a favorite vacation destination of almost everyone. We know that the sea poses serious risks if you do not take proper precaciones, we protect ourselves from the sun, we take care of our belongings … But there is more hidden dangers that you might not know.
1. Quicksand
According to a 2007 study sand you are responsible for more deaths than by shark attacks. Sandbars sometimes move very, very quickly trapping a person and causing choking.
In U.S.A. 20 children died in 1985 for this reason.
So when you play on the shore digging holes or making sand castles monitors especially the smaller and attempts that are not within a cavity that is at the height of his head.Image result for arenas movedizas2. Sand contaminated
E coli bacteria is a major that usually affects our small intestine causing vomiting and diarrhea.
This bacterium lives in the sand and even grows and reproduces in this medium. This bacteria is the result of decales materials of many animals (dogs, cats, birds …), so it is likely that if the presence of this microbe is detected also has other more dangerous as salmonella.

Image result for arena playa contaminada3. The stingray
This is the main rival of sharks in terms of deadly attacks. They are very docile animals but being buried under the sand are often stepped on by swimmers and cause these try to defend themselves and thus their attack occurs.
These animals have a poisonous sting in the tail end. This venom is not fatal, I unless the victim is allergic to the toxin.
To prevent this attack is recommended shuffling through the sand taking long steps, so we alerted them and so will take time to disappear.

Image result for pez raya4. Jellyfish
Most jellyfish are harmless but others have poison in their tentacles. Depending on the species the poison is more or less dangerous.
Vinegar is often neutralize toxin medusay relieves symptoms in cases of bites with irritative toxin. See if the victim shows paralysis of a body part or extreme emergency seek immediate reaction.

nature beautiful ocean jellyfish5. Phytoplankton
The eternal rival SpongeBob is very abundant in many coastal areas. Most do not cause any problems but some produce toxins that affect bathers causing burns or itching. Luckily this discomfort does not usually go higher and emomentos disappears after leaving the water.

spongebob squarepants clap slow clap plankton6. Sharks
Contrary to what many people think, these animals are not the main cause of death. Sometimes and especially in some coastal areas approaching the shore, causing a stir in bathers they interpret as an attack and that’s when their violent reactions occur.
Keep Calm and salt water without attracting much attention if you see a shark approaching.

7. Marine Surf
They are streams that go in the opposite direction to the coast. They are very dangerous and can be fatal. More than 80% of rescues performed in the sea are at fault.
There are a number of steps recommended follow if you feel like you’re caught in the undertow:
– Do not fight the current.
– Stay away gradually in the course of the current (swimming parallel to the shore) and when you feel safe, nothing to shallower water.
If you can not get away from the surf, try to float or splash to get attention of the lifeguards so they know they need help.

Image result for mareas altas y bajas8. Sunbeams
In addition to protecting your skin does not forget sunglasses, often do not use them for us there are no marks on the skin, but better tenr those brands that burns in our corneas involving even loss of vision

9. Sea lice
They are like mosquitoes but imperceptible to the eye. Usually they bite if they are caught (especially swimwear). If after a day at the beach you see that you appear many bites granite and rinse with clean water. To quell the itch you can use vinegar.

Image result for piojos de mar10. Human
We are the most dangerous, many are unaware that the beach is a natural area for the enjoyment of all and not a landfill. Be careful not to step remains glass, cans (especially if they are oxidized) …. And also with those who decide to fish late in the day and leave some bait lying on the sand.

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